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Confidence rests in stillness

A quiet calm that knows no boundaries

Stillness in the body

Stillness in the soul, the mind

Stillness in the spirit, always before the Throne,

On earth, in the world.

Stillness that sees the Lord

A Shepherd who loves

Close by our sides

Who holds our hand,

A most practical, most simple reality,

In child-like innocent zeal

The beauty of our Lord before our eyes

His presence, His touch

His strong arm about the shoulders.

He who fills the Universe holds a small child’s hand

All youthful zeal and stumbling

Innocent steps of exuberance

Love of life blazing in the eyes of such a little one

In the eyes of a reborn child of Heaven

In the fire eyes of the Sovereign One

Who watches in finest details each step

Each thought, each act,

His blessing upon those who choose Him,

Darkness upon the others who reject His love.

The goodness of eternal knowledge

Or the blindness of an earthbound self

Delight in what is right

Or pleasure in a world grown cold,

Cold, dead forehead

Or warm tears of eternal hope.

My heart has embraced the Spirit of Truth

Heavenly peace now confirms each step

In the face of madness, a calm reply

In the face of anger, gentle, soothing words

At a time of chaos

Wisdom of a holy sword

Sharp to cut through the foolishness

To take hold of Heaven’s manna

A living faith of greater treasure than gold and silver,

My new life in His image

As a daily prize held tightly

Miraculously bound within a confident human heart and life.