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King forever

Throne upon the highest Holy Hill

Jerusalem, Zion of God

King of Creation within human hearts;

A needed touch of compassion

A touch of kindness and tender care,

He has established forever

The kingdom of peace and love in another one.

Knowledge of the Holy One too great, too wonderful

More than human thoughts can ever imagine,

The Anointed One grasps the right hand

Brings safety beneath the wings

Yes, too wonderful, too great for words

Except continuous praise and thanksgiving!

Worship in the Spirit of the Kingdom,

Worship in the Spirit of the King

Alone approaches the throne of all goodness;

Life given when death enshrouded, seemed to suffocate,

True peace given in a world of chaos

Where humans seek to devour one another

Rampant cruelty as the pleasures of the day.

Yet, in one soul after another

The destructive generational cycle is broken,

From the ancient ones such as Job

The faithful ones as Abraham

Jacob and the tribes of his descendants,

The unbroken line of remnant disciples of the Living God

Followers who only sought life and truth in goodness,

Seekers today who yearn for true spiritual bread

Who hunger for food from Heaven that doesn’t spoil or fade,

And the Royal Heavenly Seal.

We stand now firm in the Light that radiates Heaven’s power

Light of life from our King Yeshua

Now and forever Messiah on His Throne,

In glory on His Throne.