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In a crowd, so many other people,

Like the sea with currents and waves

Tides that come and go,

Streets of a city full of riders, walkers and runners

Some who just stand or sit and watch;

Cars without number

Noise and smells and clutter,

Confusion breeds only more confusion.

Many always seem self absorbed and to be lost

Though hearts cry out only to be found

Somehow to be special, of unique value

Full of purpose

Overflowing with true meaning.

One who cares watches

Briefly touches a stranger, a life in passing,

Mentions spirit hope and eternal reality and childlike faith,

Belief, the door to be opened.

Divine power waits to descend from above

To meet the humble seekers

The few in a crowd who hunger

The few in a crowd who truly thirst

They listen and learn from God

In humility as that little child the Master spoke of

Stripped of vain human pride

And the snares of refined intellect, pitfalls of common fears;

They reach out at last

And take hold of the invisible hand of peace,

The touch of a Savior.

Plucked from the death snare

Lifted from the muck and trap of this world

Thick, heavy mud and grime of spiritual darkness,

Each loved by the Jewish Messiah as if the only one in His eyes

Blessed and filled as a most special one

Cleansed and kept as a destined one

Empowered, a Kingdom child born again,

Heaven’s new child loved with all of Heaven’s love!