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The spirit of the antichrist stalks our land

A restless, insatiable appetite openly displayed,

Darkness moves as a chill wind from north to south, east to west

Seductive falsehoods parade lawlessness as truth

Many antichrists trumpet their voices to any and all with ears to hear

Shocking numbers dance playfully along following the parade

Scramble for the candy tossed about,

Too many fall into the smooth traps

Honey coated teleprompter words

Deception with an orchestrated smile,

The American media always the ready whore at the side

As sexually aroused groupies at a rock concert.

The Spirit of the true Messiah stands tall even in Jerusalem

Reigns above as a mighty tower of strength in enlightenment,

A vast growing flock from the East floods onto the narrow road

Rushes through the small gate,

Those who seek true covenant life in freedom, given from above,

To honor the King, Prince of eternal peace.

In the West arrogant pride reigns in naked selfishness,

Conditioned greed in many forms

Easily entertained,

Easily controlled masses content with the brightness of every distraction,

The herd of swine runs quickly into deep waters.

Mercifully a remnant pure and true perseveres

They walk hand in hand with Love

A God and Creator known

Always look as well into their God’s creative mirror

To see a glimpse of beauty and power and wisdom

A reflection of His reality in Creation,

Omnipotence and omniscience

Kindness and gentleness and tenderness,

Reflections of eternal life.

Wisdom rests within,

Knowledge in Spirit communion

Children carried on gentle wings of Shalom,

Those who have known Him who is from the beginning.