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Alone but not alone

Holy Presence always near

My heart yearns, groans

My soul throbs

Then, my spirit soars.

When I know the Lord is close

Closer than my breath

Confidence climbs any mountain

Valleys are the same,

All that life on earth,

Life in the body can experience

Flows in God’s stream of good purpose

Of enduring strength

Of willful meaning.

As I bow my heart, a hand is sensed nearby

Tenderness upon a shoulder

A hand of persevering strength touches

An inner breath renews my mind,

Invites rest once more;

Eyes see the future more clearly

Eyes even see into eternity

Eternal Sabbath rest in the finished divine work on the cross,

Rest before the Throne.

A King, my King, our King, the King

Most radiant beauty

Fulfillment of every purely imagined delight.

The cloak of prayer warms

A blanket of comfort wraps about

Time is ripe

Another step forward is taken

Then another in faith

And a steady flow of others;

My life on earth lived out

Faith a fearless walk of love and strength,

A walk of confidence and peace.