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During moments of weakness

When human frailty grips tightly

Temptations rise up in thoughts and desires,

The old sin nature tries to take hold

And a wave of guilt and discouragement follows any measure of surrender,

Compromise of the true power at rest within;

A finger of judgment wags in the mind

Whether from within or from without

And a tender heart cringes.

New thoughts fill the mind continually, filtered by the Word of God,

Some good acts already done in Spirit obedience,

Other good things planned to do

People to encourage, seeds to be watered in love

More humble precious ones to lift up, seeds of need to challenge

And always more to plant in the Lord’s treasured garden.

But then the moments settle

The Spirit of truth gently moves in comfort within

And the soul bows and is still once more.

From the beginning to the end

It is timeless grace,

It is an endless work of divine mercy,

The finished redemption trumpets beautifully, most powerfully;

From before Moses and the golden serpent lifted high

To the Anointed Holy One lifted higher than the Universe,

It is finished and there is rest, the cup we drink.

The Carpenter exulted above heaven and earth with shouts of joy and loud angelic singing

Ushered into the eternal Holy of Holies, the majestic presence of Light;

Our Savior’s cross made clear to all nations and races

To every generation,

Redeemer longed for by Adam and Eve, Noah, Job  and Abraham, Isaac and Israel,

And so many others,

The Lamb lifted very high

That all might look and see and experience,

To embrace with their being as I have,

And prayerfully you as well my friend!