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The world does not see

But we see,

The world does not hear or care;

Yet, the heart of Heaven’s compassion gives,

Gift of life from divine fingertips

Holy touch upon a spirit, a soul and body

Mercy lifts another above this world,

Another rescued from the impossible natural snare,

One more awakens from the death sleep of self

Human nature already condemned, rebellion already cut off.

The dark prince of the world parades arrogantly about,

Lucifer the eclectic chameleon

Father of lies designed, engineered for vast multitudes,

Tailored for each individual hated

Each rant, each scoffing at creation,

Each mocking of the hand of God Almighty.

From any Einstein to the simplest native of Borneo

Deception and delusion spin each web

Each adequate trap made ready.

But snares are broken, birds fly off, enlightenment does come at last,

The Sovereign Father brings another, and another to His Son

A great and expanding multitude that learns thanksgiving

And inherits robes of priestly praise,

True worship before the Glory Throne

Distant shadows of death and darkness long ago forgotten.