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Greater hands move the sun and all stars,

The earth and those who walk upon it;

Wisdom beyond eternity orders the footsteps

The end of each personal journey known from the beginning.

How grateful we should be

How happy and at peace

To bow before our loving Creator

Acknowledging His crystal river of goodness

Deep, deep waters

Very pure and teeming with life,

Each sip, each cool droplet

On the lips, in the mouth,

And a precious treasure enters the heart

Richness beyond this present world

Riches that last forever.

What wonderful confidence held out

What inner strength,

What complete security freely offered!

Who would not meet the touch

Believe and receive the true life given,

Drink the new wine

Eat the divine bread?

In the greater Universe black holes seem to swallow and destroy,

Stars in numbers hard to even imagine

Disappear, lost in abstract mysteries of distance;

In our world most reject the true life

Deny the only good

Refuse the Heavenly Light

Spin and rotate alone within selfish worlds, egocentric realities,

Go the way of countless forgotten ones

In forgotten generations

Swallowed whole by the darkest death,

Without a hint of care,

Without a trace of heartfelt loss;

The “second death” their eternal reality

As bitterness shreds the body, soul and spirit.