Dd Ee Aa Tt Hh


The enemy lies at our feet

Crushed by a heel,

Eyes are lifted up

They see very far

They see clearly at last.

A battlefield strewn before us

A battlefield stretches behind

Time itself scattered about on the ground;

Sword of truth in hand very sharp

A pure and sweet instrument

A lovely and most powerful weapon

In the absolute truth of life and death,

Lived by a man

Walked out by a woman;

Every thrust, every movement precise

Nothing wasted in each step, each piece of bread, each fierce encounter

Selflessly following in His footsteps,

As a zealous dance of divine confidence

Light in a glow about moves the same

Knowledge revealed in communion from above

Brighter than any star

Brighter than the sun.

Gentle hand held so tightly,

The One who guides as a most fierce Shepherd

Ancient Warrior,

Ancient of Days

Who conquered death for all

Fearless Warrior, Ancient Sovereign Lord,

Mighty King of Love.

A river of blood will flow deeply outside Jerusalem

Wine press of justice to come

All the enemies of truth, who belong only to this world

Enemies of everything good, those only of the present world

To be dealt a final blow of cleansing judgment.

But, we walk joyfully through the gate of life

The gate of love and peace always before us

Victory sword held high in honor

This sword flashes with the brilliance of divine revelation

Spirit and truth

Eternal life made known in our Messiah

All fear driven out

Death forever conquered,

Our victory in celebration made known

In His victory from before the beginning;

Freedom from slavery to sin and our common fallen nature

And the lying “prince of darkness”,

Predator, thief of anything good

Driven to the ground of the Earth,

Soon tossed into the “lake of fire”.



   ***Death is the absence of the revelation of the knowledge of God in the face of Yeshua Messiah.  To know Him is to know and have life.  To know the sword of His eternal Word.  To not know Him is to remain in death, subject to darkness and the worst deceit.  In a sense the Earth is a major battlefield for souls born into it.  Though the end is foreknown, lives must be freely lived out in Sovereign predestination wrapped about by the secret understanding of our God.  Those who follow Him are compelled by Messiah’s love indwelling us by His Spirit.  He prayed to our Father-“Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”.  And we who belong to His kingdom shout- “Amen”!