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As a kiss on the lips

Honest words spoken in time

Words of truth from a friend who cares

Kindness in the most difficult times

Goodness when so much is in turmoil,

Peace offered even in the face of chaos.

Strong sheltering arms,

When all courage drains away, legs become wobbly

Will to think clearly, drips to nothing

Hands hang limp, trembling heart at a loss

No strength left even for anger.

And then, a way is shown

A better way is made known,

New trust as a gift when there was none

Belief in One greater when there was no one else

Sudden hope in Divine wisdom revealed;

A vague image once scoffed at

Old story cheaply passed about with scorn

Holiest Name a reckless curse from mouths of the many,

Those drunk on self and a bitter tasting world

Rotten, boring place, where sewage overflows,

Hatred the way of a man and his live

All others crushed, angrily pushed aside,

Used and abused women flock in the streets.

Yet, in spite of even worse

The King of Heaven Himself

Walks among us,

Reaches through all the waste and filth

To find another and then another,

Many others from the nations sought after

To give His gift of a warm and comforting

Eternal embrace.