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An emerald rainbow

Arcs of light into all directions

Penetrate within and all about

Radiant glow of the Majestic Throne,

Power beyond human imagination

Power above the most intricate physics of the natural

Above all the mysteries of the supernatural

The order of the Universe seen and unseen

The order and balance of the created Earth

And everything on or above or below it.

Greatness without description

Save to those who humbly bow in reverence

To lift thankful hands

Grateful voices of love, lips of praise,

Spirits lost in the love, and found in the burning purpose of Heaven,

Absorbed in the love of their King of faithfulness.

To be called to eternal life, the highest experience

Drawn through circumstances of created time and space

Sovereign destiny of one so beautifully chosen

Design of all things focused,

That one more would hear

That one more would see

And perhaps reach out for the touch of Heaven, of God;

Heavenly comfort at last for an earthbound soul

Eternal compassion for another son or daughter of Eve,

Descendant of Adam,

Gone the way of the ancient parents

Wrapped once more with clothes of sacrificial mercy

The gift of loving kindness always ready,

Grace more than able.