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Every good thing given

Freely, without worldly cost

Warm blanket of peaceful covering

For the cold and harsh day of judgment

When all stand naked

Completely exposed before eternity,

And the Eternal One.

Each soul bought at a price

Cost impossible to even imagine,

Suffering of the Son

Heart ache, compassion of the Father…

Salvation made complete in the eyes of all,

Yet, most still cannot see

Most refuse to even listen and to humbly learn;

But to the few from each generation

Heaven’s treasure stands fully opened

City of life, City of light

Riches of eternal shalom and love

Wealth of comfort and lasting friendship.

One Friend always closer than a brother

Most beautiful Spirit of fellowship

Endless expanse of powerful knowledge,

Intimate care runs beyond the Universe

Abundant love from the King of love.

Many have taken hold of the grace offered

And take pleasure in the freedom and purity

Divine wonder of Godliness revealed in Israel’s Messiah

Made known to the humble seekers who begin by believing as a child,

The lowly now raised up to heights the human mind never imagined!