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The winds blow back and forth, swirl about

Waves crash the shores over and over

Currents of water, currents of air

Always in motion, always working,

How much more the Heavenly winds

Spirit of Messiah in the midst of the seas of earthly men and women!

Waves of divine mercy sweep the lands

Kindness moves steadily over the objects of His mercy

Goodness revealed in their renewed minds and hearts

Messiah made known to the humble

Those who bow in constant hunger of the soul

Who kneel in continual thirst of the spirit

Arms upraised in songs of praise,

And true joy is made known.

The Holy One, Almighty Father

Draws them to his Son,

Yeshua the radiant One brings them before the Throne

A living sacrifice, an offering of honor and worship.

Many on earth are swept aside by cruel winds

Tragically carried off by violent floods

Driven beyond the reach of merciful grace;

Sorrow as a shadow upon each one lost,

But in the resting place of loving mercy 

The children stand as flowers of multiple beauty in a soothing breeze

Gathered in great bundles.

Such beauty adorns the holy Kingdom

Abundance of truth displayed in faithfulness lived out,

Most lavish banquet for the remnant in continual celebration

The work of righteousness

Those who listened and learned,

Now caught up in glory.