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He came as a child, grown into a man

A mighty person, an absolute person

The mightiest one to walk the earth,

Truth revealed in a man, as God in human form;

God the Word of Truth made known

In Yeshua, holy eternal love on constant display

By and through His Holy Spirit;

From the beginning to the end,

Spirit of Messiah at work in another human life.

The ancient Scriptures as truth plainly expressed, simply spoken

Lived out for every eye to see

And every ear to hear,

Mind to understand, heart to discern,

Cross raised above the highest mountain!

Assembled writings in obedience given

Through willing and unwilling hands of clay,

Divine Script sovereignly laid out.

Only the Creator can make clear

Only the Maker can open the foolish human mind

Breathe revelation to grasp humble and pure truth;

Human effort always spins in prideful weakness

Impossible circles of vain and wasted efforts

From the crude and vulgar refined intellect

To heights of self will.

Glory from before the world began wraps His scarred body

Tortured, beaten body now covered by exquisite High Priestly robes,

Radiant Majestic Throne all ablaze.

No man, no woman can lift themselves,

Above Earth that claims the body in death.

Yet, the resurrected One waits 

Stands for each person in eternity

Arms that powerfully reach out in purest honesty

With a lasting embrace.