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Gift from above

Revelation from the Lord of Heaven and Earth

The glory of the Holy Spirit of truth;

Closed loop from the Lord

In the Lord

To the Lord.

The path of all honor and all virtue

The Way,

Place of all meaning and peace with God

By His hand and through His hand;

All things of Heaven

By Him, through Him, for Him

Perfection of our life revealed in Israel’s Messiah.

Nothing of man in himself

Nothing in woman in herself

Can ever merit or even touch with a natural thought these holy things,

A pure fire from beneath the Throne

Consuming angelic power darts about in honor of the Throne

All servants of love above and below

In service of the Majestic Throne,

Jewels and radiance, delight in purest forms.

Man in his pomp and arrogant pride scoff and mock

Shameless pretenders to the throne of their own truth

Soon to be cast headlong

In all greed, lust and chaos

Thrown into eternal darkness,

As a just reward for the many seeds of division

Sown in nations, in races, in economics, in marriage and honest living,

Discord sown even among brothers through apostasy

Against the weak and vulnerable children of the only King.

Many millstones wait

For countless stiff and bulging necks,

A vast and deep sea of nothingness in torment made ready!