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A new day, a new gift

New morning wraps about a new beginning

Fresh start after a dark night;

The written words of truth wash the mind once more

Light of God penetrates, cleanses the soul, warms the spirit wings

Fragile, vulnerable body gets in step

Strength from above settles within as fresh dew

A fountain of prayer rises up

The Lord of Heaven and Earth renews purpose and hope

Endurance and encouragement take root more deeply

A wild olive branch joined more securely to the great olive tree,

Every good thing rushes within.

All around, everywhere the blind lead the blind

Though numberless pitfalls all about;

One who is sick lies in bed

Another stands nearby and describes the sublime beauty of hope

Healing wings that wait the call,

A hand finally reaches out

In greatest hunger to touch and see,

And it happens!

Divine power falls as spring rain

Life above the natural surges forth again;

One in complete poverty suddenly becomes rich

One in heart hunger and thirst suddenly filled to overflowing.

Eyes and ears of the human spirit opened wide

New Light pours through the door discovered;

The sick are healed, the walking dead are raised,

The brilliant morning sun joins in praise,

Flowers burst into full blooms

As the Light of Heaven falls upon another soul,

And the kingdom of darkness is driven out.