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Lord, shine on me

In me and through me,

Let today be your day of salvation

Let now be your time of favor.

Much love always to give

So many to give it to

Those at every hand;

A remembered song is heard moving gently in the background

Tender, kind words and melody by Phill McHugh-

“People need the Lord…

Why can’t they realize …that right before their eyes..

People need the Lord.”

Multitudes trying to fight a war that’s already been lost,

While an even greater war was already won.

I walk before you, my Lord

In the land of the living

As King David wrote, “I lift up the cup of salvation

And call upon the Name of the Lord.”

What do we hold in this life

But fleeting memories;

My hand reaches out,

My heart to take hold of you!

Be my fortress, oh Messiah

Be my high tower, oh Yeshua

A temple refuge from my adversary, relentless enemy,

Place of shelter in your Name,

Place of eternal Sabbath rest

Secure in this very place of humility

Safe at this very time of vulnerability.

Gather the little children to your side

For even the ground cries out for pure water,

Another woman at the well, her village full of human needs;

Your warm embrace always comforts my soul

On another cold night and dry Earth day.