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All stand naked before the Lord

Transparent in the Living Light,

Deepest eternal pools

Eyes that see through body and soul 

Penetrate the spirit He made,

The holy eyes of love and warmth and merciful truth.

Oh! To love as few have loved

To drink living waters from the holy spring of my God

My life as a flame engulfed by the coals of fire near the Throne;

Hot coals pressed upon the lips by angelic hands,

Cleansing for a mouth that speaks only praise and honor

Worship from a mind kept clear

A heart made pure

Hands continually washed, bathed in Heavenly Light.

The One that redeems always at your side

And a warrior’s sword to flash brilliance

The power of Spirit truth that cuts free many souls

Sharp edge of discernment, blade of treasured freedom,

A vast gathering of like hearts

Who always behold the lasting beauty

Who know their King,

The land of the Great Shepherd of Israel stretches before them.

To walk in wisdom

To live with courage, fearless in terrible times

As the lawless and egocentric self worshipers seek to rule,

Last days spread out clearly before the wise as Daniel wrote;

Victories behind

Triumphs ahead

Love compels in the Spirit of peace and rest, a shield always about,

Even as a dark shadow of martyrdom forces through

Pierces just as that spear…

Oh, for the confidence of the New Day, the Morning Star who rises,

New Jerusalem, Heaven’s jewel descends as on powerful wings of angels,

Names in Hebrew only, twelve tribes written above the gates

Names in Hebrew only, twelve Apostles written on foundation stones below,

The foreknown and predestined destiny of all too few who walk our Earth.

Leap up radiant splendor of this invisible Kingdom

From the four corners of God’s Earth

May His Spirit winds rush and blow powerfully,

Anointed breath carry the finished work of Messiah

Flow in and through a thousand generations,

The work of salvation already finished in our God’s eternity!