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My daughter of Eve, daughter of Jerusalem

The woman I sleep with, mother of our child,

Kisses of purest transparent passion

Rest upon our hearts and souls,

Though the bodies grow older

The spirits soar in youthfulness,

The Lord who is Eternity

Watches in pleasure

Truly what His hands have made;

Peace flows through hearts

Bathed in prayers and kisses.

Like the crystal river from the Throne

Flows down the great street of the City, New Jerusalem in union joined

The Bride in marriage beautifully clothed

Adorned with every jeweled facet of love,

Mind of Messiah towers high above

Wings of His strength cover the children, and the grandchildren

Enclose the most beautiful ones in purest, divine jealousy.

Name above every name

Streams rush from the ends of the Earth

Come to Him from every nation, every island of the seas

Pour forth together in foreknowledge lived out

Shalom in oneness birthed once more

Revelation in lives ordered, structured and overflowing with good purposes

Gracious abundance the crown upon their heads

The ripe fruit of a most intimate covenant

Commitment in faithful endurance

Assurance in constant delight

Amazing depth of love for one another

Honor the perseverance that carries

Sacrifice of thanksgiving celebrated

Joyful crowns set before the King.

One evening years ago

In a lasting vivid, radiant Heavenly vision seen

Alone in a moment of her worship she bows in delight

To pick another bouquet of rarest flowers

Literally in her Lord’s garden!