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Guidance and protection

Choices balance on the edge of a fine knife

Sword of the Spirit very sharp

Fearless eyes pierce through the enemy

See very far, very clearly.

In the things we do

People met

Money spent

Love given, love received

Places we go,

Darkness stalks our footsteps

As a ravenous lion

Always ready to devour;

Then a call in a familiar voice is heard-

“Come with me to a quiet place,

And get some rest.”

Voice of our Master

Living Word of God upon us

Divine Sovereignty our companion

Hands that enclose behind and in front

Our eternal confidence.

A clear mind and self-control our spirit health,

Even a stream flows year around down below our house

Fresh, spring-fed stream teeming with life

Fish and ducks and much more.

We are moving forward in  life

Always away from death

Vibrant days, meaningful days

Kingdom guide of Messiah’s Spirit draws us near

Each day, each step, each decision

Thoughts and words freely controlled,

Peace the banner above our heads

Abundance the Kingdom clothing

Truth in humility a ready sword always drawn!