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Words spoken clearly, simply across the sky,

But a desire deep within remains unspoken, unheard…

The deepest mystery of life still calls out

An inner awakening to true hunger, true thirst

Need born out of common human experience

Instincts and intuitions blend together

Cry out finally with the need to seek for more in life

To find what must be there!

And the restless soul searches

Unknown treasures draw the thoughts, the mind

Excite the will to persevere, to endure each seeming failure.

The One who spoke all out of nothing,

Who humbly walked this earth

Endured its hatred

Suffered the bitter tribes, the churning nations

Who overpowered and dethroned the “dark prince”,

Lord of this age, this world, driven out,

Who speaks gentleness with authority softly within

Words of kindness about our needs, words of truth about our vital search

Freedom in divine love to those trapped by selfishness,

Mercy to so many snared in worship of the fading strength and beauty of our flesh,

Idolatry and body lust a fire that consumes across the many lands,

Youth ravaged, youthful beauty stolen,

The way of sudden freedom for countless in chains of fear of death.

He awakens the spiritually dead

Draws them one by one into His mercy,

Eternal love beyond the trillions of stars

And the fantasy of mankind’s imaginations,

Carries the burdens of many in arms of forgiveness.

Songs of multitudes blend as finest wine with trumpets and strings and unknown instruments 

Even now stir the glad winds of Heaven

Golden banners flap in waves of personal triumph

Silver words etched in beautiful boldness-

“Life to all my humble sons and daughters,

Once broken, once crushed, once bruised,

Yet delivered,

My most beautiful chosen ones!”