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Merciful Lord above all,

Every circumstance

Every transgression

All the failings of mankind,

Each woman who surrenders to fear

Each man consumed by greed;

Just as the swallows return in the glow of springtime

And dart about with wings of gladness

So freedom rises,

Soars on God’s abundant mercy shown,

The One “greatly to be feared

Alone with power to forgive”.

As I walk along my day

A sudden gust of wind sends my cap sailing,

With laughter I chase it down…

Then, a yellow and black Monarch Butterfly nearby catches my eyes

It works and moves along through the repeated gusts

The wind but another sharpened arrow of circumstance

A momentary channel for purpose revealed

Conscious stream to take pleasure in,

Usefulness like the open hand of a ready Friend

Who guides as we seem at times to stumble along our way

Yet, really walk a golden path of enlightenment

Metallic glow about for Light.

Fellowship of many others the same

In person, on the Internet, in Scripture,

Who seek as I do

Who search with tender hearts experiences like my own

Who move confidently in the quiet winds of God’s mercy,

His often secret presence

His not so secret hands of kindness that comfort and guide

That protect His little children,

And unveil treasures of the heart and soul,

True life once hidden to us all.