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God’s grace given freely

To all who let go of their worldly idols,

Projected images of vain “Self”, what human hands are and have made,

Everything in a life self-centered;

The darkness that covers the nations

Thick veil over the mind and heart,

Soul wrapped very tightly about itself.

The impossible, the unthinkable

What the natural cannot understand

Or human hands grasp,

As if adrift on a stubborn sea

Endless waves of rebellion wash over the soul,

Beyond the horizon in all directions

This sea goes on and on,

Deludes, seduces, and flatly deceives…

Purest mercy reaches out

Even to one who stumbled more than most

To this one who still stumbles, still at times struggles in various ways,

Human nature one big snare, a heavy anchor about the heart.

Yet, the Lord’s mercy is His mercy

Stands alone as Light, towers above all,

The hands of our Maker always extended

As a tent of safety, a temple of assurance;

The One who sees the end from the beginning

Knows when this man will bow, repent and turn

Will not bring the Kingdom shame

Will not dishonor the King

But in the end will stand faithful,

Foolish to the world, wise to Heaven

Righteous arms lifted in praise

Mouth filled with songs of true Spirit worship;

His salvation and confidence comes from the Lord Messiah alone,

Yeshua, Name above every name!