Moments of good inspiration

Spiritual insights with practical legs,

Wash in and wash out with the tides;

To will and act and do in step,

To bear good fruit in time…

Such satisfaction can be illusive

Until alert strength of mind takes hold

Good will drives the zeal

The watchful spiritual fervor to truly serve and honor,

Knowledge of the next step

Next act of love in the stream of Heavenly peace.

How often we hesitate

And the moment seems lost

As a writer or an artist who stares blankly

Without learned discipline

Without the knowledge of perseverance

The understanding of a simple farmer’s endurance,

Good seed runs through the fingers

And is lost on the ground.

Good tugs at two heart expressions

Designed circumstances of opportunity

Most intricate movements of many for a single purpose,

Yet, only one seizes the opportunity in choice

Sees the door, the Shepherd’s gate

Wings of belief compel him or her in faith;

But the other looks, then turns the head,

What amazing mysteries of such a divine moment lost

Treated as a common thing

As another earthly distraction

An irritation, an annoying person or persons

Rather than a seed to plant or water with prayer.