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A new song on the lips

Mouths that offer continual praise

Flock of worship

Those who always look to Him

Who know His love shining in His face.

Heaven and Earth bow in worship

Every life form hushed in reverence,

To Him who spoke, and it became

Worthy Lord of all that is pure

Sweetest honey drips

Hands scented with most elegant spices of soothing peace

Perfumed aromas unheard of

Fragrance of purest love carries comfort far and wide

From the intimate circle of God’s Throne

To the farthest reaches of the created Universe,

Every part of the Earth

All the places where creatures move about

In the water, on the land, in the air,

Even where man finally kneels and prays

A garden where a woman finally grasps the truth revealed

And worships most powerfully

As Kathryn Kuhlman once sang into my own ears.

Songs carry as birds in mysterious migration

Numberless wings cup the air

Move as one across the sky

Not one single sparrow or hummingbird forgotten;

A small earth child reaches past confusion for a hand of trust to hold

A hand for strength and comfort, order and assurance

Confidence in belief to fill the soul

With lasting warmth and eternal security.