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The Lord’s new beginning

With endless gifts

Kindness once again;

Another old weight dropped and left behind

Guilt and condemnation fade quickly

In the light of graciousness

The true nature of forgiveness simply, profoundly revealed,

Even in a drink of wine, a taste of bread.

The real work, the hard work already done

As a powerful trumpet shout resounds throughout the heavens-

“It is finished!”

Each day humanity stumbles,

No one quite walks the perfect walk

The foundation stone of perfection seems so elusive

Even when deepest desire yearns to walk as He walked;

Human nature pulls,

At times controls

Daily needs clash with Spirit truth

The tensions, the stresses flood over

And failure rises up,

Followed by the temptation to rationalize and hide

And let thoughts play with the mind,

To compromise the precious temple gift,

Divine knowledge deep within of clarity

Of wisdom forever settled in experience

Thoughts fixed upon Him as commanded,

Eyes that look continually to Him as written.

There is no other sheltered way

No higher path or calling to the Holy Mountain

Pure and honest days can only follow the narrow road to Zion set before us

With a hand of strength always ready to guide;

Sincere efforts in discipline to draw near to our God

Always met with a kind and tender compassion.