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Gentle song in the wind

Light and pleasant breeze

It comforts, it soothes and calms

As an early evening cool down

After a hot and blistering desert sun,

The times refresh and revive

Healing power flows on these gracious winds

All the sick of the world

The pain and afflictions

Bow at His feet and are touched

With deepest meaning

With true purpose

With new minds and hearts

Bodies and souls cleansed, washed by love

Made instruments of good, of peace in every way

Objects of mercy, objects of delight,

Healing power streams, fountain for all.

The gentle One touches another

And there is lasting joy,

Once a life of misery, life of loneliness

Becomes hard as leather in the sun’s intensity

But then a word, a smile, a tender touch

And the Universe opens

The highest Heaven is seen in those eyes

In that face

In another supernatural display,

Songs of love come from that mouth

Nothing but good and righteousness

In the heat of another earth day.