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Storms come upon us all

Poverty in weakness a plague to endure

Winds from all directions

Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, often bland

In the midst the heart cries

And wonders “Why?” in the light of truth

Even in the very shadow of His hand;

Why we are buffeted along with all others

The rebellious scoffers, stubborn and blasphemers

The mostly apathetic

Those who mock the Holy Name,

Why the winds and pouring rains

Soak and threaten us as well!

Then, we remember the sifting

Destined season of separation

Everyone “salted by fire”,

As the Master clearly declared;

Each day with enough troubles

Understood as well.

Perseverance carries

Endurance brings final triumph,

When the mind is renewed

The Holy Spirit reminds

Every early glimpse of the Heavenly Kingdom

Rushes home

And true knowledge settles upon the Solid Rock, within and nearby.

Present difficulties are as nothing

Compared to the perfection soon seen,

What is slowly unfolding

Most beautiful flower that opens in the most beautiful garden,

Prayers as petals reveal the lasting joy of eternal purpose

Personal meaning brought to Divine completion.