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Pure and sweet love

Disciplined, self-controlled desire and passion

A mind clear, a will vibrantly alive

Joy in the righteous pleasures

Gift of union given

Body honoring a body above self

Souls delight in what is good,

The other responds in like

Oneness as a celebration

Beauty of covenant commitment

Breath of fragrant love entering another

Apple blossoms above

Fragrance of Jasmine in the air

Fine grass as a majestic bed

Blue sky, warm breeze as eyes see far

Gladness at being alive, a soothing blanket covers

Hand woven carpet of multiple satisfactions beneath

A shared, matured red wine for thirst

Passion fruit to excite the moment

Citrus aroma to refresh and revive the moment

Ready the moment for the next steps

Hands held tightly as feet skip along above the flowers,

Kisses are soft and gentle, kisses are hard and strong

The hearts race along once more together

In a truly great adventure

Such wonders of fully open expressions

Where wonders of intimate honest love listen and hear,

As true love looks and sees

Learns from the Father, listens to the Shepherd Son,

Creator of all;

Our hearts understand and draw even closer still.