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From morning to evening

Night to day the same

Sunrise to sunset and back again

The body needs to breathe clean air,

Fresh, cool and beautiful air

A pure expression into lungs and blood flow,

Rushes throughout the waiting body

Satisfied until the very next breath taken;

Thirst needs a ready drink

Clean spring water or deep well water

Runs smoothly into the mouth

As rivers flow into the seas,

Currents move throughout the oceans,

Underground rivers, aquifers, underground lakes

Charged water always on the move

Quenches each and every thirst as basic need reaches out.

A lover passionately needs to love a lover,

Birds need to fly

Fish need to swim

Hunger drives the need to aggressively hunt,

And a restless man and a restless woman search

Long for another soul, seek the other one

Intimate treasures of the heart completely to be revealed,

One soul fully spent to embrace that unique other.


God, our Creator, watches from above

And desires to fully reveal His love in His Son,

But, who will seek it

Who will bow and reach past stars for it?

To look beyond themselves to see and taste a simple, yet consuming need!

To know Him is to love Him

To love Him is to know Him even more,

Knowledge grown from a precious seed of human need

Planted in a man, in a woman, in every child

Righteous need truly a gift created within a life

Within a heart, a spirit

Within a soul, a mind;

Yet, for now, a mysterious lack, barely sensed

Rarely understood,

Until this jeweled need overwhelms,

Gives birth to sovereign destined circumstances

A new hunger

A new thirst of the deepest kind rises from the spirit,

A voice finally cries- “Where is my God?  The Living God?”.

Then, revelation from above settles like diamond drops of dew

Newly on the richest green, morning grass,

And suddenly belief is enabled

And I have faith in Messiah!

An anointing of hope for you and for me from Yeshua

The Anointed One.