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They did not look

But they found,

They did not search

But they discovered;

Sovereign love designs each path

Merges the will slowly into His own,

Path of peace and freedom hidden from the world

And those who belong to it.

Secret revelation of divine mercy

Desire given to understand the Cross

To taste of the Lord’s cup

To embrace communion of death to self

Rebirth into true life in Him.

Yeshua walked about the world, about Israel in kindness

Though all things made by His touch

Zero natural understanding or acknowledgment came forth.

Every atom, subatomic particle

Every force of attraction or repulsion,

The beauty of a curve or smile or sunset

Beauty of youth, of sincere wisdom

Of order and purpose,

The complexity of everything that is visible or invisible,

Dirt below, galaxies above and beyond any telescope;

His own in Beulah land did not seek Him!

True belief the work of God alone,

So great the gift and personal call of each,

Grace the priceless expression of God alone.

The wonder-

To be a chosen vessel of honor

To carry the precious living water within,

To pour out a few drops to quench the thirst of a few

That another might truly live,

Overcome this world as another living temple of His Holy Spirit,

To walk about as He did

Touching one here, one over there

Most wonderful walk of love and peace.