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When fear breathes down our necks

Icy hand grips the child’s mind,

Even friends and family

Turn to betray;

Poverty of hunger and thirst stalks this fallen land as a great plague,

Faith in God

Belief in the Holy ancient Words

Tested beyond all imagined human strength.

Judgment on this nation unfolds

Cries and tears of endurance

Forced on the faces of many “Jobs”, rises up,

Perseverance of Elijah in this cold, harsh place where cunning darkness reigns.

Police state, fascist perversion, coming dollar collapse

Many slave prison camps spring up as poison mushrooms;

The tender heart yearns, groans for peace

But the world shouts out only for “war”,

Heaven as hard as the new scorched desert earth.

We who know run into the arms of our loving Father

Small the gate, narrow the road of separation, of sanctification,

Chosen Cross of Messiah Yeshua, the cup of life we now drink!