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Naked honesty of truth,

Transparent before the Lord of Heaven and Earth

Every desire exposed explicitly

Every appetite of body and soul made totally known,

All before the righteous Judge 

Each person held accountable for every word spoken

For every thought embraced, every motive of the will.

We all stand on common ground as humans

Shoulder to shoulder as creatures

Bare feet pointed straight ahead, completely unclothed

Eyes look forward with nothing hidden;

Our knowledge of the dust

What we are made of,

Knowledge of the constant holy gaze from Heaven

Purest eyes that penetrate infinity

Beyond our imagination, our ability and grasp,

Invisible beings all about us.

As a remnant, some know the Source of our creation,

We who join to our destiny in Messiah

Step by step, day by day,

Person by person, prayer by prayer,

Each sheep counted, recorded by name, each act, each deed,

Flock added to flock from across the varied fields and nations.

Everyone stumbles at times

But too few reach up and clutch the hand of mercy

Always extended each step, each and every day

Until we stand in final safety,

The ark of salvation a glow about us,

Mark of the Cross, mark of our new name

Seal of everlasting joy on open display in endless celebration!