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Ears to hear a song of love on the gentle wind

Gift of freedom to earthbound birds,

And children without knowledge of flight;

Every color and size

Every walk in every place

Icy North to tropical South

Mountains, woodlands, flat plains,

River valleys and farm lands,

Monstrous cities of steel and glass and concrete,

And strong armed police;

Cars and vehicles of every kind,

Noisy and dirty, foul public bathrooms

Filthy restrooms with stopped up toilets,

Secret deep pits outside the cities piled with corpses.

Yet, miraculously, many do join in this delight filled melody of the heart

Move in step, flow in the same supernatural peace

Flowers as fragrant joy bells in the beautiful hair,

Most lovely, natural crowns upon the head.

Wave after wave of singing goes forth

An ocean of love covers the sea of need;

The Master walks upon this water

Touches a precious child here

Reaches for another child there,

King of comfort

The Lord of caring

Powerful love that flows in streams from the hands,

From the eyes of purest light,

Fire eyes that penetrate and lift high above the earth,

Vast numbers shown mercy in Spirit flight

Great numbers who heard, who saw the hand of rescue

And clasped it firmly,

Who escaped into the waiting arms of salvation.