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Like gnats about my mind

Shaded thoughts taunt and annoy

Pick and pry at common human vulnerability,

Until Scripture spoken, prayers whispered

And weakness bows before divine strength.

The Lord is gracious

The Lord is kind,

His kindness even melts into tears of compassion

As men and women struggle everywhere

Wrestle with conflicted human nature,

Are manipulated by the “Evil one”

“Predator lord” against the “self” within each

Winds that blow in all directions;

But the One on the Throne watches

Nothing missed

Every detail held closely.

Yesterday while lying on a hospital bed

Prepped and waiting for eye surgery

Many sounds swirl about, many thoughts stream through

Then, a Presence sensed

The Holy One I love leaning near

An outline, a brightness and a vivid smile

Looking at me in assuring peace

Hovering as that “mother hen” over Jerusalem

Watchful, Lord of all care

His flaming concern for His own

Eternal passion for each one of us.

I see the smile in the gaze

And I quickly become a pool of quiet water,

My God who cares

My Lord who is always near;

His Spirit of truth drives away all religion

And remains close to His own

Flock of His love- those who truly know Him.