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The Heavenly calling

Shared joy of the highest possible experience

Communal fulfillment beyond human imagination;

Greatness gently overwhelms

Flowers, scents, colors, and always more

Most soothing Presence calms the waters

Quiets the soul,

An atmosphere of praise and worship songs that waft through the air,

Breezes of tenderness, of love and peace

Fragrances that move the essence of being

Fills new senses heightened above all the Earth,

The delightful garden of the Lord.

So many called from every corner of every nation

In a wonderful mix of creation’s beauty

Seen on the faces

Seen in the eyes so bright with life

Radiant with new light;

Impartial wisdom blankets all with knowledge

Throne of freedom completely known

Lord of Creation always with us

Graceful strides of a Father amongst His children,

Delight goes forth from the face and eyes.

This One who loves

This One who infinitely cares

Able and always willing,

Keeper of our souls

Maker of our spirit

Maker of all things

Creator of all that is beautiful and purposeful

As a small reflection of Himself

Generous in all kindness

Champion of gift giving

Who longs to give even more to you and to me.