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The soul yearns for perfection

Mind turns and emotions churn

But every turn in life falls short,

Limits of body and heart rise up constantly

And demand attention,

Demand to be fed and nurtured and satisfied;

The inner self grips at what should be

Always a sense of the possible imagined

In the stone cold worldly face of the constant impossibility.

The dilemma celebrates frustration

Invites self-pity, anger and bitterness with depression

And maybe worse, crippling despair.

There is a way waiting to be found,

One way as a rescue

One person who triumphed in this imperfect place

Teacher who walked in perfection,

Alone, but not alone…

Perfect love, perfect peace

Power and authority 

Perfect faithfulness and obedience to His Father;

Even now His love shines forth in absolute truth

Sacrificial love in complete surrender to the Sovereign One,

The Way of one totally for another.

The Eternal Lord gives that another can grasp the gift

Cross lifted high, revealed as the golden serpent in the desert

Those many years ago as the ancient tribes struggled with human nature.

His heart poured out to the last droplet

That eyes might see and desire real life

That ears might hear and choose to live.

Eternity woven into the fabric of measured earthly perfection

Purest perfection to be tasted in Him

Touched by human hands in worship

In honor of their Holy King

To love the Father, to love His beautiful creation

A man, a woman, a child

Earth below, sky above,

While wearing the finest garments of complete fulfillment

Robes of the High Priest;

The future always before us

Present clothing in finest linen and woven cloths

To cover the redeemed naked woman, the shameful man,

Messiah’s perfect life more than enough now

For you, for me.