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Suddenly the Lord comes to His temple,

And who can stand in His radiant presence,

The temple of your body, of your heart?

On a clear day

Bright, blue sky

Warm air blows about gently

Circumstances flow together with goodness

Peaceful streams join into an even more peaceful river

Until a sudden unexpected turn startles and shouts loudly right into your face…

A sharp and piercing need rises up with an overwhelming presence.

Then, who can stand up

Who is able to walk through the door of confident assurance,

Take hold of the powerful, invisible hand?

Does the revelation of belief fill the heart,

Does humility cover as a warm blanket in the chill of darkness,

A soothing, comforting awareness

Supernatural peace the world does not offer or even know,

The peace of the Prince of Peace.

A painfully sick body cries out

A woman in labor too weak to deliver

Poverty as a shroud slowly crushes the spirit

Depression and fear stalk like wolves on a constant hunt.

The Master entered the ancient temple in Jerusalem

Jewel of Judah,

And saw brazen human corruption;

Then, a poor widow giving all back to Him.

Eyes search the Earth

The eyes of God miss nothing

Every detail within as well as without

Nothing hidden from His sovereign Light.

Who among us will enter Heaven’s warmth of truth,

Who will open the “living golden door”,

Rush to love and serve as the only lasting joy

To walk the earth as a companion and friend of our God?