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A messenger goes here and there

Sometimes mysteriously, sometimes openly

In large cities, in small towns

In the countryside,

An encounter at the market, at a school, on the street

A park or beach

Sensitive, compelling words spoken

Even angelic servants pour out the scent of Heaven;

Compassionate love proclaimed, shown in many ways

God’s love on open display,

Endless fruit of the most beautiful, radiant jewel

Most precious gemstones on earth

Rock solid Cornerstone of truth and life.

Free gift for every body temple,

Holy words of life trumpeted loudly;

Yet, who is ready to listen, ready to receive

Who is ready to honestly face the intimate dilemma of human body death,

To plumb the depth of our own understanding

Then take hold of the silver cord that binds body and soul,

Joins the fragile earthly to the eternal

And to know how vulnerable is the tie

The connection to earth and flesh,

Much as that thin mist once seen

Morning vapor gone quickly after sunrise,

Forgotten easily as each new day turns away.

The heart must bow in humility

Rock of revelation must penetrate it

Seed of life planted into a fertile being

Fully prepared, made ready to hear, to bow and receive

Freedom’s glowing pearl, most precious gift

From the hand of the Glorious One, offered in kindness,

A white stone marked with your new eternal name,

Covenant of zeal in your own name

Also sealed on your radiant forehead.