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Most powerful words spoken

Creation bursts forth,

More than can ever be understood.

While on a morning walk much seen

Birds heard, children heard

Background noise filtered  out;

Thoughts flood through the mind

Then calm into a peaceful flowing stream.

The brightness of the sun

Fades at the brightness within a man’s soul

Eternal flame of life so created

Human spirit as a humble lamp within

Illuminated by a greater Spirit.

All that the body can sense, taken pleasure in

All that is true and righteous lifted beyond, even higher within;

The body of every child most intricately woven

Mysteries of biochemistry alone astounding.

“As a weaned child against its mother’s breasts”

The body of the Earth 

Rests in the body of our Solar System

Precisely placed in the body of the Milky Way

Set perfectly as a jewel in the body of the Universe.

The One above all sits enthroned

All creation a clear crystal pool of water,

A bath before Heavenly eyes

No detail too small to penetrate

Nothing hidden from eyes and hands that always work,

A will that controls;

The One who we trust, in whom we rest.

Mighty angels come and go, flock together in love,

Everything foreknown in absolute wisdom

But a mere portion now shared with mankind

In the finished work of salvation.