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Fearless warriors

Beneath the shadow of most powerful wings,

Young and old, male and female

Truth as the only weapon

Holy love as the only calling

Eternal peace the banner that flaps in the earth winds, leads the charge,

Though but one here and two there,

A voice in a park

A blog, a simple writing given out at the beach

Or along the street or campus walkway;

Fearless warriors driven by timeless love

Led by the Spirit of Heavenly peace,

In a mercy walk amongst all the people

A seed planted there

A seed watered here.

The willing, the few, the chosen

Those grafted in as true Jews, those awakened to life, dead to the world,

They are gathered in the Holy Spirit

Bright cloud about the Throne,

Hear His Voice, believe His words

Cross of eternal reality

The price fully paid,

Messiah’s cup grasped to share with all

The pearl of perfection

Crystal droplet of grace upon the tongue.

Life from the dead

For the one who was lying in the desert

Dew from Hermon up north,

Dried flesh, scorched bones,

Thirst all the world ever gave this one

Who calmly wades through a rushing stream.