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The quiet battles rage on

War against the mind

Thoughts bombard, thoughts twist and turn

Noise as a constant headache

Stress of mental and physical fatigue

Weary bodies left more vulnerable,

The will cries out for new strength

Hopefully from a greater place

Source beyond the mere natural.

All human effort spent,

A weary mind in a weary body;

Tesla waves, jet contrails, GMO food, unseen forces

Lawless men and women lusting for control…

One man of higher wisdom finally bows very low

Humble, continually on his knees, arms lifted

Broken clay before the Master Potter,

A heavy load to carry

Burden that has to be given back

Placed before the altar

Set before the only Throne

The only One able

He who carries a thousand generations

Who bore all sin and sickness,

He is able, He is willing.

Soothing comfort rolls over the spirit at last

White, soft clouds of Messiah’s shalom

Cover the moment, cover the circumstance,

What was heavy becomes light

What was life draining becomes a passing thing

Pressing thoughts lift as a vapor, a mist

A sweet wind carries a unique fragrance of peace

Rustles the hair in laughter

Gives tingling to the nose;

An inner smile is formed once more

Divine, sovereign peace rules this place, this time, this man.