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True Light pulses in the mind

More than thoughts

Words of the Mighty One dance around in a happy song

Soothing, calming, new strength focused

Another daily portion of enlightenment for a world traveler,

Another soul just pressing on, mouthful of bread, a drink of pure water,

Just passing through.

Supernatural gladness greets this day

Flows down into the heart

Penetrates the spirit,

Flows from the Spirit within

Penetrates the heart and mind,

Joy bubbles up with supreme confidence.

The One who holds my hand

The One who encloses behind and in front,

He who holds my life, my being in His palm

Each breath, each beat of the heart

Who knew me before my conception

Spirit Creator who wrapped my tiny body about a new soul

Then breathed an eternal spirit within.

Yet, these discoveries do not come easily or cheaply

Nor are they taken lightly,

He who wrapped a magnetic belt about the earth soul

Force field, protective energy from greater energy,

Also added an artistic dash of Northern Lights

That we might marvel,

That He might marvel in us, the pleasures of our God,

Who delights in the children He has made.