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A morning walk along a country road

Birds seem to join in

Summer trees line fields that go off into the distance

Wheat and grains move with the breeze, alfalfa and good grasses;

The warm sun rises over this temple

The presence of the Lord of the earth fills all in all

From the natural beauty of what has been made

To the divine work in a new human life chosen from above

A new creation, grace bound

Purchased at such a great price.

Thankfulness understands the mercy

Our Redeemer’s love for the high and lowly the same

Both near and far away;

Without judgment, beyond mere appearance

Every soul is called into the New Day’s Light

Pure hands, strong hands reach out to all children who draw breath,

But dark clouds rise up, the wind strengthens and kicks about

And most shield their eyes

Minds clouded, hearts swirl anxiously,

They look only within themselves, see as far their noses

And worship and serve their own needs.

Wasted temple shells

Bodies empty and souls without divine love and power

Empty and without Spirit revelation of true life,

The sudden escape from the second death

Eternal thrill of knowing the Holy One;

Still the new sun rises and shines very brightly

We all look, but not enough see clearly with their open hearts.