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To know His intimate peaceful presence

Heavenly peace

The joy of the presence of the Lord

Even to behold the beauty of our King;

Quiet meditations as we walk our unique path,

The circumstances of our lives

Often cry out for perseverance

Demand endurance

Self-control stretched beyond its breaking

Things thought, things done, things repented of,

Stumbling, maybe even a fall,

But then the Lord remembers

Knows we are but dust

His humble creatures who seek only His face.

And grace rises up

A golden cloud of mercy encloses behind and in front

While an invisible hand lifts us once more

Sets our feet firmly back onto the jewel lined narrow path,

Gemstones of truth and courage,

More flowers left to pick in the lush Garden of the Lord.

Still, a difficult path filled with many troubles

Each day, each step covered with challenge

A defying stubbornness of men all about in the lust for power,

Rebellion of nations that surround in the lust for war;

Yet, by His Spirit we stand strong again

Fearless and confident

Assurance through faithful prayer

Assurance through the Holy Words fed upon daily,

Assurance through the “still, small Voice within”- 

“You are my beloved, and I am yours”.

Radiant joy erupts once more

The earth, the world,

The sun and moon eclipsed by the brightness within

Powerful Heavenly angels as stars dance and sing in gladness;

Footsteps become lighter as we move straight ahead

The pull of Heaven always draws us near.