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Lament for a generation

An entire crop of Americans

Riddled with weeds,

Choked by a plague of musicians from Europe,

Religions and writers from  the East,

Many others the same home grown;

Songs of self-absorption

Anthems of self-pity and war anger

Distrust and rejection as flags of rebellion

Marxist-fascist secret embrace by some

Constant experiments with new spiritual realities by many others,

Always the search for new identity;

Tribes wander aimlessly

From desert to desert to endless desert

False spirits, false spirituality

Bitterness and hardness of heart,

Immorality worse than before.

Casualties piled up as unclean rags

Every disorder and chaos grasped for,

Final refuge taken by some in material pride once scorned

Drumbeat of American constitutional-patriotic pride another false covering,

Media control in waves of propaganda.

But, some were sifted out

Separated and made clean and truly free

The redeemed of the Lord of Heaven

Saved ones by the Lord of the Earth

The good seed promised, foreknown by the only sovereign God

Who long ago destroyed death, the “father of lies” and his grip of fear;

Now America’s remnant stands tall, citizens of Heaven

They lift up arms and hands and voices in true honor

Bow humbly for righteous harvest

True death to the old self in the Cross fully experienced,

True life in Him celebrated both now and forever.