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Each day

Another sip from the heavenly cup

Another step forward in life

In separation, sanctified, set apart,

Closer to the true Lord and His Kingdom,

Deeper into the well of water springing up

Bread of Life held in strong common hands

One prayer of faithfulness, one new day at a time.

Hands of love are always held out,

As a small child’s stumbling grows into the strides of a man,

A sacred aroma moves about peacefully

The fragrance of life soothing, calming,

Draws the human spirit close

Draws the heart and soul near

Comforts any person worn down, burdened

Poorly treated, worn out by this world,

Rejected forcefully, abandoned by even family, friends

As outcasts, pushed aside;

A dirty blanket of poverty tossed over them

Now hidden away, out of sight, forgotten

Kept from eyes too sensitive, too self-enlightened, more sacred than others

Where worship is worship of self,

Human effort alone sits enthroned with a deceitful smile.

But, as each good morning awakens with new light 

The atmosphere of lies, of dark clouds melts away

Then suddenly evaporates;

The world and those whose portion is in this life

Fade much as the morning mist

A thin vapor in the Holy Light of the warm new morning sunshine.