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The pain of a lost generation

A life of wandering

The newest music, the drugs, religious spiritual delusions

Multiple relationships, wasted years

Used and abused, swallowed up;

The heart aches from memories

Those who fell,

The icons of music and other things

Many such followers who were drawn in deep pits,

Corrupt wars, drums pounding out the rhythm of greed

Snares of clever words set out

Politicians, money grabbers, deceitful entertainers,

Power of the few run rough shod.

Yet, a few have escaped

As from flames of destiny,

Like Elijah reminded long ago,

They stand truly free

Confident, tall in the face of the heartless, brutal world,

Unflinching faces of flint

Faithful to the holy call of the Holy God,

Messiah’s voice that raised them up.

There is nothing too foolish

Too weak or lowly

To be enabled,

With the price, the exchange

The cost of walking the footsteps

To follow their hated Shepherd

Lover of true life, giver of all

Lover of all mankind, especially remnant Jacob.

Now we hear His powerful voice

Rejoice in the true freedom,

Though still tasting the sadness of those many fallen,

Knowledge too pure, too good

Covers the mind and emotions, the soul

The secret Spirit place of heavenly comfort and healing embraced;

Our life is purposely narrow

The enlightened path of escape

Hidden within the One who fills the Universe and beyond

Hidden within our hearts

Seen easily within the eyes of His followers,

Seen within my eyes.