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The outward portion in life shines

But the inward shines more beautiful,

Clothes put on today

Are taken off tomorrow

A smile becomes a frown

Becomes a smile, then a frown again,

Surface gladness, surface emotions

Superficial joys that come and go.

Yet, from the new Kingdom planted within a soul’s spirit

True joy springs forth

Gift of life from above

Lasting peace and assurance where there once was none

Spirit wealth in the face of  the world’s poverty

Much more than an easy smile

More than a day’s self-satisfaction.

The Holy Spirit cleanses what man cannot touch,

Makes pure and very bright

The Light of truth that flows from Heaven

A portion of the same for each new heart,

Rebirth a baptism of eternal pleasure.

What the hands of man have made

What the wills of men and women can do,

Remain nothing but earth based effort bound to this earth,

The Holy Spirit of Messiah alone can powerfully raise up

His Spirit lifts to unimagined heights, even to Mount Zion;

Spirit of Messiah indwells freely another human reborn

Destined, in His image, very brightly made

Very bright indeed.