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God’s love revealed-

Death swallowed up by life,

What is impossible for every man

Impossible for every woman

Every child whose mind wanders through a flower garden,

Thoughts of such beauty and origin and perfection,

Stimulates the brain, stirs emotions

Rushes within and through the soul

Body senses leap joyfully into the spirit,

The whole being pulses mysteriously

Those ecstatic moments when you literally taste being alive;

Even while expressing most honest love to another

Given selflessly without shame of nakedness

Inner confidence is built up

Assurance is strengthened, lifted high

Understanding settles on the momentary wonder of being “you”,

Along with intuitions of something much greater

As a graceful flight soars on peaceful wings of satisfaction, of redemption

The Source of all meaning carries,

A Cross that opened the very door to Heaven!

A Savior takes each one by the hand

Leads the children once lost, seemingly abandoned in the world

Rejected, now found, in the knowledge of their spirits

In the simplicity of humility

All thoughts and understanding righteously caressed,

The greatest discovery yearned for

Wraps all within all

Every true lasting experience given to body, soul and spirit

Enclosed within and without by eternity

The gift of life wrapped completely in love,

Placed in honor before the merciful Father

By the wise touch and wounded hands of His Son.